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Our Premium Product Line
Our Product Line

About Us Fluid Filter Products LLC is a Distributor of High Quality Replacement parts for Hydraulic Applications. We serve the filtration requirements for Industries such as Agriculture, Construction, Gearboxes, Industrial, Offshore, Railways, Shipbuilding, and Steel / Heavy Industry. We warrant our filters to meet or exceed Original Equipment in Form, Fit, and Function. All of our filters are ISO 9001 Manunufactured, and are tested in accordance with ISO standards.
Quality Standards In the Filtration Industry, one manufacture might claim to have higher quality than the rest, but the reality of it is that filters do one job - they filter. Filter what? They filter particles. Contaminants that come in from a variety of places - the opening into the Hydaulic Tank, open air. Have you ever seen a single ray of the sun in a dark living room. You will notice that there are dusts and small fibers floating in the air. It may not seem like a lot, but those dust particles can cause wear in a hydraulic system, a system where pressures can reach 3000 psid! Testing of those fluids by an Oil Manufacturer give a report in "Parts per Million" PPM. In Hydraulic Systems, filtering those particles is essential for equipment to last longer. The heart of a filter is it's media, not cosmetics, and not marketing such as decorative remay around the filter.
Fluid Filter Products cares about supplying QUALITY filtration. We only supply ISO 9001 manufactured filters, and we can warrant our filters to meet or exceed OEM specifications, tested in accordance with ISO standards. We have supplied to our hydraulic distributors, dealers, and end users with quality filtration since our beginnings, and ship internationally every day. We rely on our quality filtration and quality management system so we can ship without error everytime, and we've had 99 % acceptance in the global markets, nearly 0 % returns in the last 3 years.
Nomenclature Specifications on filters vary by 1) Type (Pressure line/Return line/Spin-on/In-Tank Filters) 2) end caps design & dimensions (or Series), 3) Collapse Strength, 4) Length options, 5) Media 6) Micron ratings, and 7) Seal materials. Fluid Filter Products, LLC standardizes their part number nomenclature to these variables, i.e. P96NL13G10B - 1) P-Pressure Line, 2) 96 Series (follows Pall's HC9600 series), 3) N-Standard Strength, 4) L13- nominal Length of 13, with a 5) G-fiberGlass construction, at 6) 10 micron, with 7) B-Buna-N seals.
Standard Media's in the Hydraulic Industry include - Cellulose, Fiberglass, and Steel Media (stainless or plated carbon, fiber or weaved [wire mesh]). Cellulose & Fiberglass medias can be fitted with a Water Absorbant medium to absorb water particles.
We provide quality filtration in variety of medias, micron rating, and are tested in accordance with ISO standard testing.

Medias Available

Resin Impregnated Cellulose: Microglass: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:
Micron Rating available:
03, 10, 25 micron
- Micron Rating available:
01, 03, 06, 10, 25, 40 micron

Micron Rating available:
10, 25, 60, 125, 200, 250 micron
No Beta Rating

Also available: carbon steel wire mesh, water absorbent media

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